Chelt Fems is proud to have a diverse membership. The insights and experience of Black feminists, disabled feminists and LGBT feminists shape how we work and what we do.

Members tend to engage with the issues they feel most strongly about, with involvement ranging from silently following on social media to organising whole campaigns.

We are open to men, but ask that they are mindful of their privilege and that they take care not to dominate or derail discussions.

Caring about something in what so often seems an uncaring world can be depressing, that’s why part of what we do is fundraise, socialise and occasionally have a damn good rant in the pub.

Chelt Fems has grown significantly over the past year, and so in addition to planning meetings and discussions, we now hold ‘meet and greet’ sessions to welcome new members and get to know one another.

CF Social
Here are some of us on a night out, BSL signing ‘Vagina.’


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