How we work

index Chelt Fems welcomes respectful debate, channelled through online discussions and group meetings.  It’s important to us that all members feel confident to have their say.

The vibrancy of discussions and success of campaigns stems from the participation of as many people as are able; we urge all members to take ownership to share responsibility for the development & direction of Chelt Fems.

Decision Making in Campaigning

As a group of passionate and committed activists, we won’t agree on everything and it would be painfully dull if we did.  Chelt Fems works best when members contribute to the campaigns and discussions they feel most strongly about.  I wrote a blog post in response to an enquiry about this here.

Chelt Fems on Facebook

All Chelt Fems members are welcome and encouraged to publish links to campaigns, petitions and articles in the Facebook group. Anyone within the group can add new members to the on facebook, though we ask that they have an understanding of feminist theories and that they adhere to the Code of Conduct.


Chelt Fems works on a democratic basis. Any member may suggest an action, event or campaign to run or support as a group.  If a majority of the group says they do not want to sign up to a campaign, then that campaign will not happen under Chelt Fems’ name. Statements may be made as ‘a group of Gloucestershire Feminists’ or, for example, a ‘collaboration of some Chelt Fems members and some Palestinian Soldarity members’ rather than as Chelt Fems.

Chelt Fems believe in solidarity, and where possible seek to offer practical support and publicity for unaffiliated campaigns that are in line with our aims.

Meetings & Socials

We would like to encourage people to attend meetings and socials where they are able as face-to-face contact is the best way to stay motivated and share ideas.

Obviously, many of us have demands on our time so we will always strive to make sure any decisions made or discussions had are accessible to all members of the group.  Action points from meetings will be published on the website and Facebook group for those who are unable to attend.