End Detention Now

Interested in migrant rights? These organisations are fabulous & have great information:

Women for Refugee Women challenge the injustices experienced by women who cross borders to seek safety.

Right to Remain UK-based human rights organisation with fantastic resources and research.

Bail for Immigration Detainees is an independent charity that exists to challenge immigration detention in the UK.

Yarl’s Wood Presentation delivered by Chelt Fems & Women for Refugee Women at The Wilson – 12/05/2016

2015 report from HM Prisons Inspectorate where Yarl’s Wood is condemned as a ‘place of national concern.’

twitterThe detention system is inhumane, ineffective and expensive. Chelt Fems began campaigning on this issue to call for the closure of Yarl’s Wood, the notorious detention centre where women are held.  We are proud to add our voices to all of those calling for the closure of Yarl’s Wood and a review of the detention system.

Research has shown 85% of the women detained at Yarl’s Wood have suffered rape or torture. They arrive in the UK seeking sanctuary, and yet their ‘care’ is sold to the lowest bidder. Numerous reports and a recent documentary have exposed brutal conditions, endemic sexism and institutional racism within Yarl’s Wood, run by the private company, Serco.

To enable refugees to return to Yarl’s Wood and lead protests where they were once detained, Chelt Fems organised several fundraising events on behalf of Movement for Justice. In July, we held a feminist pub quiz and organised an evening of comedy and music.

We combined this with a publicity stunt to capture media attention, we created a gargantuan ‘#SETHERFREE’ on Leckhampton Hill to show our support for the campaign led by Women for Refugee Women.

A report from the first demonstration can be read here.

Over the summer the issue of refuge for those fleeing violence has become a hot topic.  We have been tirelessly educating people and are delighted to have secured the support of our local MP in calling for an end to indefinite detention.

Setherfree0715On Saturday 5th September a group of us attended the Right to Remain conference, an account of which can be found here.

We urge Alex Chalk MP to use his influence to not only call for an end to indefinite detention, but also to support the findings of the cross parliamentary Detention Enquiry Report.

On Saturday 12th September, many of us from Chelt Fems travelled to join the demonstrations in Bristol and London.  We came back feeling inspired by the outpouring of humanity and more ashamed than ever of our goverment’s cowardly response.  Disappointingly it still seems David Cameron is more concerned about placating UKippers than offering desperate people safety and security here in the UK.

We will not rest until Yarl’s Wood is shut for good and refugees are made welcome.