Gender Agenda

Girls are told their value lies in their appearance, whilst boys are told that ‘acting like a man’ is suppressing their feelings. We live in a toxic culture of gender division, where expressions of femininity in boys are considered weakness and masculinity in girls is deemed threatening. Too often what is cultural is considered natural; we need to stop saying ‘boys will be boys’ and let kids be kids.  Read here for why we think it matters.

To join the campaign, download our templates at the bottom of this page.  Get printing, cutting and hit those bookshops!


Throughout this year’s Literature Festival members of Chelt Fems will be slipping gender busting bookmarks into books ‘for girls’ and books ‘for boys.’  Comments from parents can be found here.

Slogans include:

Architect, engineer, physicist – only 13% of all STEM jobs in the UK are occupied by women.


Celebrate her brain not her beauty

Don’t wait for a prince to make you

Girls are more than pretty; they can be strong, clever and brave

Boys can be sensitive, gentle and caring

Boys; it’s okay to cry, it’s ok to care

Let girls & boys be children. #banishgenderbinaries

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Download our templates (right click and ‘save link as’)

BookmarksForGirls 001Download our ‘bookmarks for girls’

BookmarksForBoys 001 Download our ‘bookmarks for boys’