Fantasy is for Failures

For the past few years Chelt Fems has been campaigning for a ‘zero-limit’ on Sexual Entertainment Venues to be adopted across Cheltenham.  This has now been applied in the town centre, though the existing Fantasy ‘gentleman’s club’ has been permitted to stay open.  It closed for a period due to poor health and safety, though the licence holder reapplied and in March he was granted a new licence.

Next year the licence holder will have to reapply. Let’s not make it easy.

You can find out what counts as a valid objection  here, please note, the criteria are very narrow.  Proximity to schools and places of worship are covered, gender equality is not…  A template letter can be downloaded here: objection to Fantasy, though you may wish to personalise your objection. Email your objection to




‘Nil Limit Zone’ and Occasional Sexual Entertainment

‘Sexual entertainment’ is permitted in Cheltenham without an SEV licence through a statutory exemption.  There is no recourse to challenge this locally as it requires a change/ tightening of existing law.

When the races are on, the sense of threat in the town centre is palpable; Cheltenham becomes a no-go area for many, particularly women.

In 2014, we united with a number of different groups to campaign for the ‘nil limit’ and sent this open letter to the Gloucestershire Echo, published here.  In addition, we collected personal statements which were submitted to the Cheltenham Borough Council licencing committee and each wrote individual letters to our councillors.

Described by one Chelt Fems member as ‘Cheltenham’s Poundland Katie Hopkins’ we were delighted to have a mention from the charming Tom Thurlow.  Just off to oppress my fantasy ‘hen-pecked husband’ now.

The struggle continues.