Chelt Fems Book Club

Chelt Fems book club is very new and we are still finding our way as a group.

The only things you really need to know if you are thinking of joining our book club are:

  • No pressure. If you don’t feel comfortable/confident to speak, you don’t have to. None of us will put you on the spot
  • Everyone has a say – each month we put at least three books out to vote. The book with the most votes is the one we read
  • We don’t meet ‘regularly’, meetings will be arranged around everyone’s availability
  • Joining the group isn’t a commitment to come to every meeting – members are welcome to drop in and out depending on whether the book interests them/time allows
  • Attending meetings isn’t mandatory – you can join the facebook group and create/take part in online discussions if that is what suits you best

Chelt Fems Book of the Month

The votes are in and the next book we are reading will be Ariel Levy, Female Chauvinist Pigs. The meeting is provisionally booked for Tuesday 13 October. Check the events page in the coming weeks for confirmation of date, time and location.