V & A Make an Exhibition of themselves…

On Friday 26th August, take part in activism…  We all know sexism belongs in a museum, but we think the V & A have missed the point.  The ‘Pleasure and Pain’ exhibition is a collection of 200 shoes currently at the Bowes museum, it’s set to it tour the world later this year.   Instead of using the opportunity to explore gendered exploitation, this tawdry display eroticises women’s suffering.

A particular low point is the write up of the ‘lotus shoes’ worn by Chinese women whose bones were crushed and feet horrifically disfigured by the practice of foot binding. These shoes are displayed under the caption ‘fashionable binding’ with no reference to the pain or the barbarism of the practice.

An excellent article here http://jeanhatchet.blogspot.co.uk/ points out some of the problems. In response, tomorrow feminists across social media will be tweeting the V & A pictures of ‘sensible shoes’ (as per the stereotype). We’ll be using the hashtags #stomponsexism #solesisters and the V & A’s #shoesoftheday #VAMshoes #todayskicks JOIN US! xx















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